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Trump In 2016: ‘I Love WikiLeaks.’ Trump Today: ‘Wikileaks Is A Hoax’


Trump In 2016: ‘I Love WikiLeaks.’ Trump Today: ‘Wikileaks Is A Hoax’

Hours after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller called President Trump’s previous remarks praising WikiLeaks beyond “problematic” on Wednesday, the president told reporters the group was a “hoax.”

When MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson pressed him on the matter this afternoon, Trump responded: “So, WikiLeaks is a hoax, just like everything else.”

“And all of those problems having to do with crime were the biggest hoax of all,” Trump added. “It was a witch hunt. It was a total witch hunt.”

During his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, Mueller was asked by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) to opine on a series of public statements Trump made during the 2016 presidential campaign praising WikiLeaks after the site dropped troves of private emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign by Russian actors.

Quigley proceded to read out several of these statements.

“I love Wikileaks,” he quoted Trump as having said in 2016. “This WikiLeaks is like a treasure trove,” he again quoted Trump as having said.

“Would any of these quotes disturb you, Mr. Director?” Quigley asked Mueller. “How do you react to them?”

“Problematic is an understatement in terms of what it displays, giving some hope or some boost to what is and should be illegal activity,” Mueller responded.

Mueller also pointed out that the organization was “currently under indictment,” and said Donald Trump Jr.’s communications with WikiLeaks are “subject to investigation.”


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