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Trump HHS Official Shared Post Saying ‘Our Forefathers Would Have Hung’ Obama, Clinton For Treason


Trump HHS Official Shared Post Saying ‘Our Forefathers Would Have Hung’ Obama, Clinton For Treason

A Department of Health and Human Services political appointee is under fire for sharing an image in 2017 that said “our forefathers would have hung” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for treason, a CNN KFile review has found.

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Ximena Barreto,  a far-right political pundit who joined the Trump administration as deputy director of communications at the department in December 2017, was placed on leave by the department on Monday after Media Matters reported that Barreto called Islam “a cult” and pushed the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

CNN reports:

A subsequent KFile review of her Twitter account “RepublicanChick” found that Barreto also repeatedly used the hashtag #BanIslam and twice shared conspiracy theories about the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

Barreto also shared a conspiracy theory that French President Emmanuel Macron was controlled by the Rothschild family and that Clinton and Obama were controlled by investor and Democratic mega-donor George Soros. Both the Rothschilds and Soros are frequent targets of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

An HHS department spokesperson did not comment on tweets unearthed by KFile and reiterated to CNN that Barreto has been placed on administrative leave while they investigate the matter.

Prior to joining HHS, Barreto was a far-right political pundit and Trump-supporting blogger who co-hosted a YouTube show called “The Right View by Deplorable Latinas.”

A now-deleted biography on her personal website said she “has worked as a political activist, and worked hundreds of hours with Republican candidates (sic) campaigns, including John McCain, Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump.”

In August of 2017 Barreto retweeted an image of a statue of Obama labeling him “a Muslim terrorist” and in January of 2017, she wrote in a tweet that Obama was a “pansy and a traitor.”


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