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Trump Goes Off On Angry Anti-Obama Rant During Rambling 40-Minute Press Conference


Trump Goes Off On Angry Anti-Obama Rant During Rambling 40-Minute Press Conference

Wednesday during an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn, President Trump used the cancellation of his trip to Denmark to lash out at former President Barack Obama — telling reporters that foreign countries, including Denmark, cannot get away with the type of disrespect they showed the United States when Obama was in the White House.

Trump defended his decision to postpone a state visit to Denmark, accusing Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of making a “nasty and inappropriate statement” when rejecting his proposal to buy Greenland from the country.

Trump told reporters, “I thought that the prime minister’s statement that it was absurd was nasty. I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do was say, ‘No, we wouldn’t be interested.’”

Trump added, “I thought it was not a nice statement, the way (Frederiksen) blew me off because she’s blowing off the United States. And we’ve done a lot for Denmark…. She shouldn’t treat the United States that way.”

Trump claimed that when Obama was president, disrespecting the U.S. was the norm.

“President Obama, when they wouldn’t let him land in the Philippines — when they treated him so badly in so many places, the Philippines is one that comes to mind…. They can treat him any way they want to, that’s up to him,” Trump told reporters. “But they can’t treat the United States with the statement ‘how absurd’….Respect has to be shown to the United States.”

Trump then falsely claimed that the policy of separating families at the U.S./Mexico border was instituted under Obama’s watch.

“President Obama had separation,” Trump told reporters. “I’m the one that brought them together….. It was President Obama that had the separation.”

Trump also slammed Obama’s Russia policy — claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin got away with more under Obama than under his administration.

TRUMP: That was outsmarting Obama. So, Russia outsmarted President Obama. They took over Crimea during his term. Not during mine. They took over Crimea. If you stopped being an organ of the Democrats and let me answer the question, I’d answer it very easily. The fact is President Putin totally outstarted President Obama on Crimea — and other things, including the red line in the sand. Alright — he made a living on outsmarting President Obama and frankly, Obama was upset, and he got Russia out of what was the G-8, into the G-7.

It has come up, should we put Russia back in? We spend a lot of time talking about Russia at those meetings and they’re not there. I think it would be a good thing if Russia were there so we can speak directly, not have to speak by telephone and other things.

So, here is the thing: It is a vote of what is now the G-7. They were taken out because Putin outsmarted on Crimea, on the red line, on other things. Totally outsmarted Obama. Obama was upset. They took ’em out. I think Russia should be a part of it because we’re looking for world peace. And other things. Trade and other things. And it would be a lot easier to have Russia in where they have always been.


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