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Trump Dismisses Reports Of An Ongoing Genocide In Syria: The Kurds Are ‘No Angels’


Trump Dismisses Reports Of An Ongoing Genocide In Syria: The Kurds Are ‘No Angels’

President Trump on Wednesday defended his widely condemned decision last week to abruptly pull U.S. armed forces out of northeastern Syria by slamming the Kurds, repeatedly declaring that members of the group that fought alongside U.S. troops in the fight against ISIS are “not angels.”

“They’re not angels. They’re not angels. Take a look. You have to go back and take a look,” Trump said of the Kurds during a bilateral meeting at the White House alongside Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

Trump suggested that the U.S. should not get involved if Turkey invades Syria.

“That has nothing to do with us,” Trump said. “They’ve got a lot of sand over there … There’s a lot of sand they can play with.”

Trump repeated the line that Kurds are not angels multiple times during a press conference later Wednesday alongside the Italian president.

“Why are we protecting Syria’s land? Assad’s not a friend of ours. Why are we protecting their land? And Syria also has a relationship with the Kurds, who by the way are no angels. OK? Who is an angel? There aren’t too many around,” Trump said, a reference he said again during the press conference.

Trump also said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to launch an offensive on the Kurds in Syria “didn’t surprise me,” as it’s something Erdogan has long wanted.

The president’s drawdown of troops in northeastern Syria has been met with fierce criticism from Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who have introduced bipartisan measures to impose sanctions on Turkey.

NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel on Friday warned: “The Kurds that we have been talking to say they are soon going to face a campaign of genocide. A campaign of ethnic cleansing that president Trump gave the green light to.”

“The commander of Kurdish forces in Syria, Mazlum Kobane, told me the Kurds are facing a campaign of ‘ethnic cleansing’ by Turkey and its radical militias,” Engel reported on Tuesday. “The Kurds estimate ¼ million people have already left border towns. UN says 160,000. Whatever the number, it’s growing fast.”

Former GOP Senator Bob Corker (Tennessee) said on Wednesday: “By cleaning out a swath of northern Syria the way Turkey says they are, this is basically genocide. It’s ethnic cleansing. This is the home of the Kurds. Then forcibly putting 2 million Syrians back in that place-ethnic cleansing is taking place.”


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