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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump: Dems Began Plot To Impeach Me ‘Before I Came Down The Escalator’ In 2015


Trump: Dems Began Plot To Impeach Me ‘Before I Came Down The Escalator’ In 2015

President Trump on Friday bizarrely claimed that Democrats’ impeachment effort might have been underway before he announced his presidential campaign in 2015.

During an appearance next to the President of Paraguay in the Oval Office, Trump described the impeachment as a hoax and politically motivated.

“The impeachment is a hoax. It is a sham. It started a long time ago, probably before I came down the escalator with the future First Lady. It started a long time ago,” Trump told reporters without providing evidence to back his conspiracy theory.

“It is a witch hunt. It is a sham. It is a hoax. Nothing was done wrong. Zero was done wrong. I think it is a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment, which is supposed to be used in an emergency. And it would seem many, many, many years apart,” he asserted.

“To be using this for a perfect phone call, where the president of that country said there was no pressure whatsoever — did not even know what we were talking about. It was perfect; the relationship is perfect. I have done much more for them than Obama did for them. It is a scam. It is something that should not be allowed. And it is a very bad thing for our country,” Trump said.

“I tell you what, someday there will be a Democrat president and there will be a Republican House, and I suspect they are going to remember it. Because when you use impeachment for absolutely nothing, other than to try and get political gain,” Trump said.

He asserted that his poll numbers had gone through the roof.

“Fundraising for the Republican Party has gone through the roof. We are setting records. We have never — nobody has ever seen anything like it because the people are disgusted. The people are absolutely disgusted. Nobody has ever seen anything like this,” he said.

“It’s not fair that I’m being Impeached when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong!,” Trump said in a tweet on Friday night as a key Congressional committee, earlier in the day, approved the two articles of impeachment against him.


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