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Trump Cries Fake News As Real Photo Of His Fake Orange Tan Line Goes Viral


Trump Cries Fake News As Real Photo Of His Fake Orange Tan Line Goes Viral

President Donald Trump on Saturday decried a viral photograph of himself as fake news after the image prompted the hashtag #orangeface to trend on Twitter.

The photo, taken of his return to the White House South Lawn, shows his hair swept back — and a dramatic forehead tan line surrounding his face.

The colorized version of the photo was posted late Friday afternoon to an unverified Twitter account called White House Photos, which describes itself as the account of a “White House Correspondent, Journalist, Photographer, Poet and Pesco Vegetarian” named “William Moon.”

“More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!” Trump said in a tweet, responding to another tweet showing a black-and-white version of the photo.

As NY Magazine notes, “some suspect the images were altered, but Moon posted other photos from the scene, and from looking at those and commercially available photos of the moment, it seems apparent that the wind did indeed expose the fault line in Trump’s orange coloring.”

Twitter users responded to the president’s tweet by sharing direct links to Getty Images, which shows the same prominent tan line in unaltered versions of the photo:

An article from The Washington Post in December 2019 said that former Trump housekeepers revealed he at one time required two containers of a particular brand of face makeup.

“The same rule applied to the Bronx Colors-brand face makeup from Switzerland that Trump slathered on — two full containers, one half full — even if it meant the housekeepers had to regularly bring new shirts from the pro shop because of the rust-colored stains on the collars,” according to WaPo.

White House Photos Twitter account responded to the president’s “photoshop” claim, noting in a tweet that the “picture was never photoshopped, but used the Apple smartphone’s photo app to adjust the color of the picture.”


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