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Trump Complains He Can’t ‘Have Quick Trials’ To Execute Law Breakers Like In Authoritarian China


Trump Complains He Can’t ‘Have Quick Trials’ To Execute Law Breakers Like In Authoritarian China

President Donald Trump on Tuesday once again praised authoritarian countries who execute drug dealers after holding “quick trials.”

During a speech at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, Trump applauded authoritarian regimes like China for their “tough” approach to stopping drug use in their countries.

“You go into China, you say, ‘How’s your drug problem,’ they don’t even know, President Xi doesn’t even know what you’re talking about!” Trump said. “They have quick trials, and I won’t even tell you what the punishment is, but let me just say it’s very swift.”

The president then said he didn’t believe American citizens were ready to be “tough” on drug dealers like China was.

“I just don’t know whether or not this country is ready for that, but the only countries that don’t have drug problems are countries where the retribution is unbelievably tough,” the president said.

Last month, Trump praised China’s “very powerful death penalty on drug dealers” and said the best way to further reduce the quantity of fentanyl in the US is to follow China’s lead.

“States with a very powerful death penalty on drug dealers don’t have a drug problem,” Trump said during a White House event with governors. “I don’t know that our country is ready for that, but if you look throughout the world, the countries with a powerful death penalty — death penalty — with a fair but quick trial, they have very little if any drug problem. That includes China.”

As Vox notes: “It should be noted that Trump’s claim about China and other authoritarian countries having ‘very little if any drug problem’ is false. Records from the Chinese government indicate that there are more than 2.5 million officially registered drug users in the country, and that the total has increased significantly in recent years. (The real numbers are likely much higher since not all drug users have registered with the state.)”


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