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Trump Claims He’s Been Treated Worse Than Lincoln: ‘Nobody’s Been Treated Badly Like Me’


Trump Claims He’s Been Treated Worse Than Lincoln: ‘Nobody’s Been Treated Badly Like Me’

President Donald Trump claimed that he had been treated worse than any other president in history, including Abraham Lincoln, in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

Trump told Stephanopoulos that the media treated him unfairly partially because they don’t like his tweets.

“Well, it’s– it– how can I communicate like that?” Trump asked. “I put one out this morning. And as soon as I pressed the button, they said, “We have breaking news.” Every network, every station. “We have breaking news.” They read my tweet. Why is that bad? And when I’m treated badly by the press– and nobody’s ever been treated badly like me. When I’m treated so badly.”

“You know that every president says that,” Stephanopoulos noted.

“I– I disagree. Look, it’s been acknowledged,” Trump said. “Although they do say Abraham Lincoln was treated really badly. I must say that’s the one. If you can believe it, Abraham Lincoln was treated supposedly very badly. But nobody’s been treated badly like me. And this way I can fight the dishonest media, the corrupt media, the fake news.”

Trump insisted that people enjoy the cruel nicknames he comes up with for his 2020 competitors, telling Stephanopoulos, “Well, you know what? I’ll bet they do like it. They may tell you that, but I’ll bet they like it, you know? We’ve gotten great poll numbers recently. Tremendous poll numbers. And a lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but they’re all Trump voters. They’re going to be Trump voters. And that happened in the elections. I mean, one of the things that just happened recently in our election in 2016– and, by the way, even in the 2018 for Senate, people didn’t want to talk about it. They just voted. They voted for Trump people. Now, I campaigned for senators because, you know, you–”

On the evening of April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and Confederate sympathizer, assassinated President Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

This isn’t the first time Trump has brought up Lincoln when discussing how he feels unfairly treated by the press.

“You know when Abraham Lincoln made that Gettysburg Address speech, the great speech, you know he was ridiculed?” Trump said during a rally in Billings, Montana in September of 2018. “And he was excoriated by the fake news. They had fake news then. They said it was a terrible, terrible speech.”

“Fifty years after his death they said it may have been the greatest speech ever made in America,” he added. “I have a feeling that’s going to happen with us. In different ways, that’s going to happen with us.”

“With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office,” he said during a 2017 rally in Youngstown, Ohio.


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