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Trump Claims ‘A Wheel Is Older Than A Wall,’ Says ‘Medieval’ Wheels He Saw In Parking Lot Prove Walls Work


Trump Claims ‘A Wheel Is Older Than A Wall,’ Says ‘Medieval’ Wheels He Saw In Parking Lot Prove Walls Work

President Trump on Thursday held a roundtable discussion on border security and immigration at the US Border Patrol McAllen Station in Texas.

The President suggested that the wall is “medieval” but not as old as a “wheel.”

“They say a wall is medieval. Well, so is a wheel. A wheel is older than a wall,” Trump said to scattered laughter.

“And I looked, and every single car out there, even the really expensive ones that the Secret Service uses, and believe me they are expensive, I said, ‘Do they all have wheels?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh. I thought it was medieval,’” he added.

“The wheel is older than the wall, you know that? And there are some things that work, you know what? A wheel works, and a wall works. Nothing like a wall,” Trump concluded.

As to the president’s claim that the wheel is older than the wall, USA Today notes that the first known walls used in civilization to enclose a city was the Wall of Jericho, a settlement that has been traced back to about 9000 B.C., according to Britannica. “The first wheel, however, is traced back to about 3500 B.C., thousands of years after walls, meaning the president was incorrect in his statements.”

And as to Trump’s claim that medieval walls worked, The Washington Post had a scholar of medieval history debunk his claim.

Then Trump claimed that a border barrier was necessary to stop the flow of women packed into vans with “electrical tape” over their mouths.

“They drive, they just go where there’s no security,” Trump said. “They just make a left into the United States and they come in and they have women tied up, they have tape over their mouths, electrical tape, usually blue tape as they call it. It’s powerful stuff. Not good. And, they have three, four, five of them in vans or three of them in back seats of cars and they just drive right in.”

“If we had that barrier, they wouldn’t be able to make that turn, they wouldn’t even bother trying,” he added.


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