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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Campaign Mocked For ‘Desperate’ Ad Photoshopping Biden Into ‘His Basement’


Trump Campaign Mocked For ‘Desperate’ Ad Photoshopping Biden Into ‘His Basement’

Online fact-checkers have called out a new anti-Biden attack ad from the Trump campaign that is riddled with falsehoods and ends by mocking the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee with a photo taken while he was praying in a church.

“Deep in the heart of Delaware Joe Biden sits in his basement, alone, hiding, diminished,” the ad begins.

As The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel notes, Biden is in a church, praying. “An image meant to make him look defeated/old is of him praying in church!”

Weigel points to the photograph’s source, which says it was taken June 1 at Bethel AME church by an AP photographer.

That day, June 1, for over an hour Biden met “with community leaders at a black church in Delaware,” to discuss the George Floyd protests.

“Donald Trump is the only president in our history to tear gas peaceful Americans and kick a priest out of their church so he could profane it for a photo op,” Joe Biden’s Director of Rapid Response says. “Which makes it unsurprising – but no less sickening – that the Trump campaign just denigrated Joe Biden for praying.”

The Trump campaign was also called out for photoshopping a microphone out of Biden’s hand and placing him inside a room described as “his basement” in the ad.

Iowa state senator Zach Wahls (D) called out another campaign ad falsely claiming that Biden is sitting “in his basement” and is “Alone. Hiding. Diminished.”

“I was literally in the room of my Iowa town mayor’s Holiday Bowl watch party when this photo was taken. Biden was neither hiding nor alone nor in “the heart of Delaware” when this photo was taken,” Wahls tweeted, adding: “the knee in this photo is of the Mayor, who was hosting the watch party.”


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