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Trump Campaign Ends Voter Fraud Hotline After TikTokers Flood It With Prank Calls


Trump Campaign Ends Voter Fraud Hotline After TikTokers Flood It With Prank Calls

The Trump campaign has ended a hotline it established last week for people to report voter fraud allegations after the line was flooded with prank calls mocking President Trump for challenging and undermining the results after Democrat Joe Biden was declared the projected winner.

As ABC News reported, that hotline was getting flooded with prank calls, and lewd images were being sent through the online form set up to collect voter fraud claims.

Despite the fact that there have been no legitimate allegations of widespread voter fraud, Rudy Giuliani, acting as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, tweeted out the original hotline number last Friday, prompting Trump detractors to begin pranking the line even before Joe Biden won the presidential election on Saturday.

Through the weekend, Twitter and TikTok users began sharing videos of themselves calling in to the hotline with fake tips.

Alex Hirsch, the creator of the Disney Channel show Gravity Falls, is one of the Twitter users whose prank call recording has gone viral.

In the video, Hirsch begins by describing the famous McDonaldland character the Hamburglar when a hotline worker answers his call. “I saw a man,” he says. “He walked into this building and he had a black hat, a black mask, a striped shirt and a red tie and I believe there were hamburgers in his bag.”

On TikTok, users have shared recordings of their own hotline pranks. In a video posted on Friday, user @jenny_jenny_jen_jen called the hotline to report an incident of “an obese turtle that has rolled over onto its back,” referencing comments that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper made about Trump following his Nov. 5 speech.


they hung up on me #counteveryvote #byedon #obeseturtle

♬ original sound – jennyjenjen

The president’s son, Eric Trump, last week claimed that the Democratic National Committee was “spamming our voter fraud hotline,” although he did not provide evidence for the allegation.

The Trump campaign is establishing a website where users can submit voter fraud allegations using an online form.


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