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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Brags That He “Beat Abraham Lincoln In A Poll” At Rally. Crowd Chants “Trump! Trump!”


Trump Brags That He “Beat Abraham Lincoln In A Poll” At Rally. Crowd Chants “Trump! Trump!”

During a rally in Toledo, Ohio, last week, President Trump bragged to his followers that he “beat Abraham Lincoln in a poll.”

“One of these characters back there, they put me in a contest with the late, great Abe Lincoln. Right?” Trump told the crowd.

“Trump or Abraham Lincoln. I said, ‘Abraham Lincoln?’ ” Trump said as the crowd erupted with chants of “Trump! Trump!”

“So I said, ‘Who do you like better?’ They say, they did a poll on this,” Trump continued. “I think I remember the numbers. All I know is, we won against Abraham, Honest Abe. We won. Fifty-three to 47, do you believe that? Abraham Lincoln.”

“I went back to the First Lady. I said, ‘I just beat Abraham Lincoln in a poll!'”

“I don’t know if they had polls back then, but Abraham Lincoln — I always say, I can be more presidential than any candidate that ever ran, than any president, other than maybe Abraham Lincoln when he is wearing his hat,” he said to laughter from the crowd.

The poll Trump appears to be referring to was conducted by Economist/YouGov in November and found that a majority of Republicans say President Trump is a better leader than former President Lincoln.

Fifty-three percent of Republicans said Trump was a better president than Lincoln, while 47 percent chose the Civil War-era leader.

Lincoln still overwhelmingly beats Trump among all Americans, 75 percent to 25 percent, with the vast majority of Democrats and independents choosing the former president.


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