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Trump Brags Ivanka Alone Created ’15 Million Jobs’ — Double The 6.7 Million Jobs Added Since 2017


Trump Brags Ivanka Alone Created ’15 Million Jobs’ — Double The 6.7 Million Jobs Added Since 2017

President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed that his daughter Ivanka, a White House adviser, created more than 15 million jobs in the US during his presidency, even though official estimates indicate the country has gained only 6.7 million jobs since 2017.

“I give my daughter a lot of credit for that,” Trump told the crowd. “She started out with 500,000 jobs, and she just broke 15 million.”

Trump then went on to claim that she miraculously created the first 500,000 jobs in her first week on the job.

“She did the 500,000 like the first week, but you know, 500,000 jobs is a lot,” he claimed.

Last month, Trump made the same false claim which was quickly debunked by an AP fact check.

“And I am especially grateful to Ivanka for her unwavering efforts…making sure people are ready to work,” Trump said during a White House meeting on Feb. 1. “And she has now created over 15 million jobs for the people of our country — one of the reasons our unemployment numbers are the best ever.”

“Fifteen million,” Trump said to applause.

“So I just want to thank Ivanka for — for both of the things that you are really focused on,” he continued. “Thank you very much, honey. I appreciate it. (Applause.) Fifteen million jobs. It was going to be 500,000. ‘Daddy, I think we can do 500,000.’ Within about a week, she broke that, and now she is up 15 million jobs. It’s a fantastic thing. (Applause.) I’m not — I’m not surprised, Mike. We’re not surprised.”

According to an AP fact check, Trump’s claims are “not remotely true.”

“Less than half that many jobs have been added to the entire workforce during Trump’s presidency and his daughter is not responsible for them,” the AP noted.
The president is referring to a White House initiative led by Ivanka Trump that has garnered nonbinding commitments from companies to provide 14 million or so training opportunities in the years ahead. Training for a job is not working at a job for money.”


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