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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Asked Teens To Imagine His ‘100 Percent’ Poll Numbers In World Without ‘Liar’ Press


Trump Asked Teens To Imagine His ‘100 Percent’ Poll Numbers In World Without ‘Liar’ Press

President Donald Trump asked a room full of teenagers at a Turning Point USA summit on Tuesday to imagine the “100 percent” poll numbers he’d have without the “dishonest” news media.

Speaking to the Teen Student Action Summit (TSAS) in Washington, Trump asked the young conservatives to imagine how much higher his poll numbers would be if it weren’t for the “liars” in the news media.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if, think of it, what would be if we had an honest — I don’t want a media that’s for me — I just want an honest media,” Trump told attendees of the country’s largest conservative teen conference.

He added: “So we have our best poll numbers today that we’ve ever had, can you imagine how good our poll numbers, with all the things we’ve done, how good our poll numbers would be if we had a fair media? Because they can take any…”

“100 percent,” an audience member shouted.

“He goes ‘100 percent,'” Trump said to raucous applause. “100 percent — and you know what? I like your long hair it’s very nice actually.”

“Good. Thank you,” the president said, offering a military salute to the Turning Point USA teenager.

“Look at all those cameras, isn’t that terrible or good or whatever?” Trump said during his speech.

“Wouldn’t it be great if they told the truth, they have such a low credibility.”

When the someone in the crowd yells “president for life!” Trump responded by saying, “that’s what they’re afraid of, you know.”


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