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Trump Aide Stephen Miller Writing Primetime Speech On ‘A Wall To Keep Brown People Out’: GOP Sources To April Ryan


Trump Aide Stephen Miller Writing Primetime Speech On ‘A Wall To Keep Brown People Out’: GOP Sources To April Ryan

White House aide Stephen Miller, one of the architects of the travel ban on several majority-Muslim countries and other controversial Trump administration immigration policies, is reportedly crafting President Donald Trump’s Tuesday primetime address that is expected to advocate for building a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and address what he’s calling a “crisis” at the southern border.

Trump is expected to make his case for declaring a “national emergency” that could grant him special authority to start building his border wall without congressional approval.

“From my sources — my good Republican sources — they’re telling me that the president’s favorite immigration guru, Steve Miller, is writing the speech,” White House correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan told CNN host Don Lemon on Monday night.

“I understand that a part of the speech will include a comparison to the Israeli wall,” Ryan explained.

“I’m hearing that the president had to put that in there to appease some of those who are on Fox,” she added.

“The president will be reading, but it’s not as cohesive and coherent, I hear, as it relates to immigration policy — sound immigration policy. This is about a wall,” Ryan added. “This is about a wall to keep brown people out. That is a problem.”

The 32-year-old senior Trump adviser has been part of the Trump team since January 2016, where he acted as Trump’s warm-up act during the primary and general 2016 election. Miller was responsible for addressing the crowds at Trump rallies before the then-candidate would take the stage.

“Everybody who stands against Donald Trump are the people who’ve been running this country into the ground,” Miller said at one campaign rally in Texas. “Everything that is wrong with this country today, the people opposing Donald J. Trump are responsible for.”

CNN reports:

Miller has peddled the role of provocateur since his teenage years in California. In high school, he ran a student government campaign that included a controversial speech about the role of janitors at the school, according to a recording obtained by Univision.
“Stephen’s whole view of immigration stems from high school,” Adrian Karima, a lawyer who sat two desks away from Miller in AP Government, previously told CNN. “His negative views of immigration started in high school and just grew over time.”
CNN also previously reported that in 2002, when Miller was 16 years old, he penned an opinion editorial for the Santa Monica Lookout that argued “very few, if any, Hispanic students” make it to honors classes because the school provides a “crutch” to those who don’t speak English by ensuring “all announcements are written in both Spanish and English.”


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