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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Again Uses Racist Term ‘China Virus’ Hours After Complaining About ‘Racist’ Label


Trump Again Uses Racist Term ‘China Virus’ Hours After Complaining About ‘Racist’ Label

President Trump, who has repeatedly been labeled a racist for continuing to refer to COVID-19 as the “Chinese Virus” and “Kung flu,” once again revived the derogatory term in a tweet Sunday night referring to the virus as the “China Virus.”

“New China Virus Cases up (because of massive testing), deaths are down, ‘low and steady,'” Trump falsely claimed in his tweet.

“The Fake News Media should report this and also, that new job numbers are setting records!” Trump added.

The tweet came hours after Trump railed against the media for labeling their so-called “opponents” as “racists.”

“Let me also say a word to those in the media who falsely and consistently label their opponents as racists, who condemn patriotic citizens who offer a clear and truthful defense of American unity,” Trump said in a Fourth of July address. “That’s what our people are doing. We want a clear and faithful defense of American history and we want unity. When you level these false charges, you not only slander me, you not only slander the American people, but you slander generations of heroes who gave their lives for America.”

“You slander people much braver and much more principled than you,” he added. “You are slandering the young men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima, and those who perished fighting for freedom in the Civil War. You slander them. You are dishonoring their great legacy and their memory by insisting that they fought for racism and they fought for oppression. They didn’t fight for those things; they fought for the exact opposite. We will not let the legacy of these heroes be tarnished by you. The more you lie, the more you slander, the more you try to demean and divide, the more we will work hard to tell the truth. And we will win.”


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