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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Admin Seeking To Revoke Judges’ Authority To Issue Rulings That Block His Policies


Trump Admin Seeking To Revoke Judges’ Authority To Issue Rulings That Block His Policies

Vice President Pence on Wednesday announced that the Trump administration is seeking to revoke federal district court judges’ authority to issue nationwide injunctions that halt policies advocated by President Trump, setting up for a potentially massive Supreme Court battle, reports Axios.

During an appearance at an event hosted by the conservative Federalist Society, Pence argued that the Trump administration has been “unfairly” targeted by injunctions issued by lower courts, saying the rulings have prevented officials from implementing policies and regulations.

The Trump administration has repeatedly seen some of its most controversial policies, like a travel ban for several Muslim-majority countries and a ban on transgender service members in the military, blocked by national injunctions but then upheld later by the Supreme Court.

Pence said that in the coming days, administration officials will seek pathways to put the issue before the Supreme Court.

“So I say to all those gathered here: For the sake of our liberty, our security, our prosperity and the separation of powers, this era of judicial activism must come to an end,” Pence said. “The Supreme Court of the United States must clarify that district judges can decide no more than the cases before them.”

“It’s remarkable to think a Supreme Court justice has to convince four of their colleagues to uphold an injunction, but a single district court judge can issue one, effectively preventing the duly elected president of the United States from fulfilling what he believes is a constitutional duty,” Pence said.

“This obstruction at the district level is unprecedented,” he added.


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