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Top Conservative Group Slams GOP Tax Bill: ‘It Fails The Pro-Growth Test’


Top Conservative Group Slams GOP Tax Bill: ‘It Fails The Pro-Growth Test’

The influential conservative group Club for Growth on Tuesday criticized the current House GOP tax bill, saying it fails to follow through on Republican campaign promises to pass tax reform “that is truly pro-growth.”

“While the corporate tax cut will lead to some increase in our nation’s GDP, the rest of the provisions on individual taxpayers fails the pro-growth test,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh said.

“Republicans must correct at least four serious shortcomings of the House bill to follow through on campaign promises and to bring our nation closer to a tax reform proposal that is truly pro-growth.”

The Hill added:

Club for Growth opposes the provisions to create a fourth income tax bracket for the wealthiest payers, a marginal tax rate on earnings above $1.2 million for couples, a tax cut on some earnings for pass-through businesses and a six-year expiration of the estate tax.

The group called the higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans “class warfare the likes of which would make Democrats green with envy.” It also said the cut to the pass-through tax rate was too small to make a difference for most small businesses, and that there was no reason to wait to repeal the estate tax.

“All in all, this bill must be changed if Republicans intend to keep their promise of real pro-growth, job-creating tax cuts,” McIntosh said.

However, more two dozen conservative groups have come out in support of the legislation.

“Over 25 conservative groups, including Americans for Tax Reform, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, and Americans for Prosperity, have expressed their strong support for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it is pro-family, pro-jobs, and pro-growth,” said Emily Schillinger, the spokeswoman for House Ways and Means Committee Republicans.



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