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SWAT Team Busts Into Home Of Parkland Survivor David Hogg After Hoax Hostage Call


SWAT Team Busts Into Home Of Parkland Survivor David Hogg After Hoax Hostage Call

Members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) SWAT team entered the home of Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor turned activist David Hogg on Tuesday morning after a hoax emergency call.

According to BSO, deputies received a call at around 8:39 a.m. claiming someone broke into Hogg’s home with an AR-15 rifle and was holding the family at gunpoint.

The SWAT team entered the residence and cleared the home. It was determined that the call was a hoax and the BSO spokesperson said that no one was in the home at the time.

Hogg is currently in Washington, D.C., with his mother to accept the RFK Human Rights award.

“The main thing I would say is they’re trying to distract us from the March for Our Lives ‘Road to Change,’ which is the largest youth voter registration push in American history by other young kids going to over 75 congressional districts getting kids registered to vote,” Hogg told Buzzfeed News, referring to the activists summer road trip announced on Monday.

“We’re pushing for change at a level that people our age have only done a few times before in history,” he continued.

“And we’re pushing for a change to help cure the gun violence epidemic that we face in this country that can and only will be solved by every single American, not as Democrats and Republicans, but as Americans to fix this issue.”

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