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The Guardians of Democracy

Steve Bannon: I Think Trump Has Only A 30% Chance Of Making It A Full Term


Steve Bannon: I Think Trump Has Only A 30% Chance Of Making It A Full Term

Vanity Fair special correspondent Gabriel Sherman published a report on Wednesday claiming President Trump is increasingly “unstable” and “unraveling,” with even his closest advisers expressing concern that the president might not make it a full term.

“I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” Trump reportedly vented to his security chief Keith Schiller, according to the report.

Trump’s former chief strategist and one-time campaign adviser Steve Bannon told the president several months ago that “the risk to his presidency wasn’t impeachment, but the 25th Amendment—the provision by which a majority of the Cabinet can vote to remove the president.”

Sherman adds: “When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, “What’s that?” According to a source, Bannon has told people he thinks Trump has only a 30 percent chance of making it the full term.”

Read the full report on Vanity Fair, here.

Chief of Staff John Kelly is additionally scrambling to contain Trump,

Vanity Fair reports that Chief of Staff John Kelly is struggling to contain and isolate the president. “Outside calls to the White House switchboard aren’t put through to the Oval Office,” Sherman writes.

The White House denied Vanity Fair’s accounts, with one official telling the magazine: “The President’s mood is good and his outlook on the agenda is very positive.”


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