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Steele Dossier Ruled ‘Generally Credible’ After Major Study By Ex-CIA Intel Analyst


Steele Dossier Ruled ‘Generally Credible’ After Major Study By Ex-CIA Intel Analyst

Highly respected former member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service John Sipher analyzed the Steele Dossier in light of subsequent events and newer information, concluding that the dossier’s information on Trump campaign collusion with Russia is “generally credible,” according to Just Security.

“Sipher concludes that the dossier’s information on campaign collusion is generally credible when measured against standard Russian intelligence practices, events subsequent to Steele’s reporting, and information that has become available in the nine months since Steele’s final report,” the Just Security editor noted.

In his approx. 5,500 word analysis of the Steele dossier, Sipher said that while the Steele dossier included factual inaccuracies, those errors do not detract from a broad framework that has proven to be ever more reliable as new revelations about potential Trump campaign collusion with the Kremlin and its affiliates has come to light.

“Although the reports were produced episodically, almost erratically, over a five-month period, they present a coherent narrative of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.  As a result, they offer an overarching framework for what might have happened based on individuals on the Russian side who claimed to have insight into Moscow’s goals and operational tactics,” Sipher added.

“Until we have another more credible narrative, we should do all we can to examine closely and confirm or dispute the reports.”




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