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The Guardians of Democracy

Steel Worker Corrects Trump After Implying Dad Has Passed Away: My Dad Is Still Alive


Steel Worker Corrects Trump After Implying Dad Has Passed Away: My Dad Is Still Alive

Scott Sauritch, the president of United Steelworkers Union local 2227, corrected President Trump on Thursday after Trump said his dad is “looking down” at him and is “very proud,” saying: “Oh, he’s still alive.”

“Your father, Herman, is looking down,” Trump said. “He’s very proud of you right now.”

“Oh, he’s still alive,” Sauritch replied.

“Then he’s even more proud of you,” Trump then joked.

Sauritch began his remarks by speaking about his father who lost his job in the steel industry.

“He lost his job due to imports coming into this country,” Sauritch said. “I just wanted to tell you, what that does to a man with six kids is devastating. I never forgot that, looking into his eyes in my household [and] what that does to a family.”

“When you’re actually involves and it impacts you, it’ll never leave you,” he continued. “With that being said, for Herman Sauritch, your story didn’t end. And for all the people I represent at my union, I never want to see it happen again…I say that sincerely from my heart.”

The Hill added:

Trump announced steep new tariffs Thursday on imported steel and aluminum, defying criticism from his own party and delivering on a key campaign promise.

The tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum temporarily exempt Mexico and Canada, and will be implemented in 15 days.

During his remarks at the event, Trump called the struggles of the domestic steel and aluminum industries a “travesty.”

“This has been an assault on our country,” he said.





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