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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Team Researching Presidential Pardons: Report


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Team Researching Presidential Pardons: Report

Michael Dreeben, the top legal counsel to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s chief investigator, is researching every legal precedent and limitation to the power of a presidential pardon, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Mueller is reportedly laying the groundwork for the possibility that Trump pardons his aides or allies before prosecutors can charge anyone within his inner circle.

This comes after reports that Mueller has asked the White House to turn over all its documents related to Russian activity and that he is preparing to interview former and current aides to Trump.

The Hill added:

Dreeben is also working to ensure that every step Mueller’s team makes will hold up in court against an appeal, according to Bloomberg, which pointed to the search warrant and raid of Paul Manafort’s Virginia home in late July. Manafort served as Trump’s campaign manager.

Dreeben has appeared before the Supreme Court more 100 times during his career as a government lawyer, Bloomberg noted.

“He’s seen every criminal case of any consequence in the last 20 years,” lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler of Latham & Watkins LLP told the news outlet.

“If you wanted to do a no-knock warrant, he’d be a great guy to consult with to determine if you were exposing yourself,” added Ruemmler, who served as White House counsel under former President Barack Obama.




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