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Son Begs Dad Not To Call 911 On Black Engineer Waiting For His Disabled Friend Outside Apartment


Son Begs Dad Not To Call 911 On Black Engineer Waiting For His Disabled Friend Outside Apartment

An African-American software engineer filmed a white man as he called police on him for allegedly trespassing outside a San Francisco apartment building on the Fourth of July.

Wesley Michel said he was waiting for his disabled friend who lives in the building when a man, who was later identified by several news outlets as a Youtube employee, demanded to know the name of the person he was waiting for and then proceeded to call 911 to report a trespassing.

“Call your friend on the call box,” the man demands.

Michel says he does not have to comply with the man’s demand.

“I’m going to call the police,” the white man says as his young son can be heard pleading with him not to call the police saying he agreed with Michel.

“Daddy, please don’t,” the boy tells he father. “I agree with him, daddy. Please don’t! I don’t like this. I don’t like this. Let’s go.”

Ignoring his sons cries, the man continued to ask police to respond to the location.

“He appears to be African-American,” the white man explains to the 911 dispatcher.

“Listen to your son, walk away,” Michel says. “I’ll stop the recording.”

“Dad, let’s go now,” the son insists.

Less than a minute after placing the call, Michel’s disabled friend shows up and asks what the dispute was all about.

“Hello,” a woman can be heard calling out near the end of the video. Michel could be heard responding: “Hi, Cathy. I love you.”

The child says to the father, “I told you! Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go!” has identified the victim as Wesley Michel, a software engineer at who “was previously a software engineer at Facebook. He studied at Arcadia University. Originally from New York, he lives in San Francisco. In the video he says that he’s been radically profiled previously including at a condo he owned.”

In comments on Michel’s Facebook page, one commenter wrote: “Why does he need to identify himself to a stranger who lives there? Foh. Sad white people just call the cops on black people all the time for no reason.”


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