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Shopper Cites ‘White Power,’ Being A ‘White Woman’ As Reasons She’s ‘Entitled’ Not To Wear Mask


Shopper Cites ‘White Power,’ Being A ‘White Woman’ As Reasons She’s ‘Entitled’ Not To Wear Mask

A woman cited being a “white woman” and “white power” as reasons why she is entitled to not comply with a mandatory mask policy.

In a now-viral video, Sydney Waters is seen filming her encounter with a woman inside a Home Depot in Illinois who was refusing to wear a mask.

“I was at The Home Depot this afternoon looking for storage walking & talking with a kind employee and a woman interrupted us, removed her face mask only to tell the employee that she was angry that other customers didn’t have theirs on,” Waters wrote after filming her encounter with the woman. “It was out of this employee’s hands so she slithered her way on to find a manager. When we passed her I said, ‘ma’am if you’re going to demand other folks keep their masks on it’s important you do too.’ ”

“You know what she did? She posted up. Told me I wasn’t going to tell her what to fucking do. Then she took her mask all the way off, put it in her pocket and let me know she was going to spit & cough on me. After threatening to give me a deadly virus, she flipped me off & swung so her face was protected. But don’t worry folks she said she can do whatever she wants because she was white,” Waters explains.

“Yes, I am entitled. I’m white. I’m a woman. Yes, I’m entitled,” the woman says during the exchange.

“What does you being white have to do with you being able to get your way?” Waters asks.

“Because I’m a white woman. That’s what happens,” she replies before adding, “I believe in white power.”

“Not only did this POS swing again after announcing she believed in “who-ite power” but she took off MY face mask when we were on the ground,” Waters writes. “During a pandemic. AND THEN SHE STOLE IT BECAUSE I HAVE PICS OF IT IN YOUR HANDS Fist fighting. Ripping my hair out and scratching. Trying to get me sick. And lord knows what would have spewed out of this racist humans mouth if I wasn’t white. Shout out to Carly the Cougher, I hope your face becomes WELL known. PS… when you got arrested your entitlement might have failed you.”

“ETA: 911 was called during, she was arrested on scene, we are going to court, and the officers & employees were super sweet. For those saying why didn’t XYZ jump in, they’re at work and sometimes you just don’t know wtf to do as you’re watching this unfold in the candy aisle 😂 Focus,” she added.


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