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Sheriff’s Deputy Says Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Will Spend $800K Settlement On ‘Crack Cocaine’


Sheriff’s Deputy Says Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Will Spend $800K Settlement On ‘Crack Cocaine’

A Rice County Sheriff’s deputy took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a racist tweet in response to Diamond Reynolds’ $800,000 settlement after she watched in horror as her boyfriend Philando Castile was fatally shot in front of her by a police officer in 2016.

Sgt. Tom McBroom, whose LinkedIn profile identifies him as a computer voice stress analyst and as a member of the Elysian City Council, said that “she needs to come off County and State Aid now that she has some cash. It’ll be gone in 6 months on crack cocaine” in a since-deleted tweet.

Twitter Screengrab via CityPages

When asked on Twitter why he suspected that Reynolds would spend the cash on drugs, he replied, “History,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Rice County Chief Deputy Jess Thomas said Wednesday that he will be reviewing the incident, according to City Pages.

When contacted by City Pages, McBroom initially denied that he authored the tweets, but later confessed that he had sent the tweets after he was confronted with additional evidence.

McBroom later explained that his remarks were not meant to be taken as a racist statement, but was rather a statement of concern for how people who win large settlements often spend their money unwisely.

“I’ve seen them come to court,” he said. “They’ve lost their children, but they come to court dressed to the nines with Michael Kors purses. To be frank with you, they don’t have a pot to piss in. I see it time and time again and I just shake my head and say why wasn’t there anyone to help that person?”


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