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Sharpton Fires Back: ‘If Trump Thought I Was A Con Man He’d Be Nominating Me For His Cabinet’


Sharpton Fires Back: ‘If Trump Thought I Was A Con Man He’d Be Nominating Me For His Cabinet’

The Rev. Al Sharpton on Monday fired back at President Trump after he called the civil rights leader a “con man” and accused him of hating “whites.”

“He attacks everybody. I know Donald Trump, he’s not mature enough to take criticism … he’s like a child,” Sharpton said at the news conference in Charm City. “But he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color.”

“He attacks [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, he attacks [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck Schumer, he attacks other whites, but he never said that their districts or their states are places that no human beings want to live,” Sharpton, the founder of the nonprofit National Action Network, said, citing Trump’s racist attack on the black-majority city.

“Little did I know that Mr. Trump was going to, on the eve of this, attack the congressman from this city — and not only the congressman but the people of this city — in the most bigoted and racist way,” Sharpton said, referring to Monday’s National Action Network conference.

Trump attacked the city of Baltimore and Rep. Cummings this weekend, calling the city “disgusting” and “rodent infested” and saying the longtime lawmaker has done “so little” for its residents.

Trump later doubled down on his attacks and said there was “nothing racist” about his remarks, while lashing out at Cummings and calling him a racist.

Sharpton said that Trump can “say what he wants.”

“Call me a troublemaker. Yes, I make trouble for bigots,” Sharpton said, noting he’s sparred with Trump for 25 years over the Central Park jogger case and birtherism. “As far as me being a con man, if he really thought I was a con man he’d be nominating me for his Cabinet.”

Sharpton also defended Cummings.

“Elijah Cummings is a respected and well-regarded member of Congress,” Sharpton said. “And for him to be angry at Mr. Cummings because Mr. Cummings has the moral standard to question how migrant children are being treated at the border is an abomination to me.”


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