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‘Shameful’: Pelosi Rips Trump For ‘Delaying’ Coronavirus Stimulus Checks To Print Name On Them


‘Shameful’: Pelosi Rips Trump For ‘Delaying’ Coronavirus Stimulus Checks To Print Name On Them

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday ripped into President Trump’s decision to have his name printed on the stimulus checks that will be mailed out to individual Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Delaying direct payments to vulnerable families just to print his name on the check is another shameful example of President Trump’s catastrophic failure to treat this crisis with the urgency it demands,” Pelosi said in a statement.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday night that some senior IRS officials said the unprecedented process of adding Trump’s name to the checks could slow their delivery by a few days.

But the Treasury Department pushed back on the assertion, with a spokeswoman saying Wednesday that they are “scheduled to go out on time” with “absolutely no delay whatsoever.”

The Post reported that it will be the first time that a president’s name appears on a payment disbursed by the IRS. Trump’s name will be in the memo line under a line identifying the check as an “economic impact payment.”

The checks will still have the signature of a Bureau of the Fiscal Service official.

According to the Post, the decision for the checks to include Trump’s name was made Tuesday, causing the IRS’s information technology team to rush to make a programming change that two senior officials said would “probably” lead to a delay in issuing checks:

The decision to have the paper checks bear Trump’s name, in the works for weeks, according to a Treasury official, was announced early Tuesday to the IRS’s information technology team. The team, working from home, is now racing to implement a programming change that two senior IRS officials said will probably lead to a delay in issuing the first batch of paper checks. They are scheduled to be sent Thursday to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service for printing and issuing.

Computer code must be changed to include the president’s name, and the system must be tested, these officials said. “Any last-minute request like this will create a downstream snarl that will result in a delay,” said Chad Hooper, a quality-control manager who serves as national president of the IRS’s Professional Managers Association.


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