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Sen. Schumer: Trump’s Asia Trip A ‘Colossal Flop’, ‘Never Been So Ashamed’ By A President


Sen. Schumer: Trump’s Asia Trip A ‘Colossal Flop’, ‘Never Been So Ashamed’ By A President

In a fiery speech delivered on the Senate floor Tuesday morning, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he had “never been more ashamed” of a president’s actions abroad, calling President Trump’s 12-day Asia trip a “colossal flop.”

“I have never been so ashamed of a foreign trip in my years. It’s just inside-out,” Schumer said. “We attack our friends and the people who have given us the most trouble, China and Russia, we molly — that is so bad for the future of this country.”

The New York Democrat said Trump’s actions have “unsettled” U.S. allies and “emboldened” the country’s enemies.

“Adding insult to injury, he seems to have a love for dictators,” Schumer said. “In the Philippines where a strongman leader is engaged in killings does Trump admonish him? No, he lectures and unsettles our allies while emboldening our adversaries by treating them with kid gloves.”

Schumer also criticized Trump’s “sophomoric” response to North Korea in which he called Kim Jong Un “short and fat.”

“He settled for a sophomoric exchange of insults on Twitter, far below the dignity of the office,” Schumer said. “Every American should be embarrassed.”

Earlier Tuesday, Trump declared that his longest trip abroad yet as president had been “tremendously successful.”

“We’ve had a tremendously successful trip. Tremendous amounts of work was done on trade, not only on the deals — and we have at least $300 billion worth of deals, but that will be, I think, way triple that number in a fairly short period of time,” he said.

Trump is set to return from his 12-day Asia trip late Tuesday.


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