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Sen. Sanders: ‘Scott Pruitt Was The Worst EPA Administrator In The History Of The Agency’


Sen. Sanders: ‘Scott Pruitt Was The Worst EPA Administrator In The History Of The Agency’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday celebrated Scott Pruitt‘s resignation as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, calling him “the worst EPA administrator in the history of the agency.”

“Not only has he acted, time and time again, in an unethical manner, but he has led the agency in exactly the wrong direction,” Sanders said in a statement.

“Instead of protecting our environment and combating climate change, he has worked to protect the interests of the fossil fuel industry and polluters all over the country,” Sanders added.

“His resignation is a positive step forward for our country. I will do everything possible to see that the next EPA administrator actually believes in environmental protection.”

Pruitt announced his resignation following months of high-profile controversies regarding his spending, ethics and management at the agency, which have prompted more than a dozen federal investigations.

At Pruitt’s confirmation hearing last year, Sanders grilled Pruitt over his denial of human-caused climate change.

“Do you believe that climate change is caused by the carbon emissions by human activity?” Sanders asked Pruitt.

Pruitt replied that human activity has caused climate change “in some manner,” while casting doubt on carbon dioxide being a “primary contributor.”

Sanders later called Pruitt’s climate denial “pathetic” in an interview with CNN.

The Hill added:

The deputy administrator of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler, who also supports undoing environmental regulations, will take over for Pruitt following his resignation.


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