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Sen. Marco Rubio On China ‘Out-Negotiating’ Trump: ‘This Is Not Winning’


Sen. Marco Rubio On China ‘Out-Negotiating’ Trump: ‘This Is Not Winning’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) took to Twitter on Tuesday to mock President Trump for losing trade talks with China, saying that China is “out-negotiating” the Trump administration and that Beijing had secured concessions from the U.S. “without giving up anything meaningful in return.”

“Sadly #China is out-negotiating the administration & winning the trade talks right now,” Rubio tweeted. “They have avoided tariffs & got a #ZTE deal without giving up anything meaningful in return by using N.Korea talks & agriculture issues as leverage. This is #NotWinning.”

The Trump administration agreed to back off earlier threats to impose tariffs on $150 billion in Chinese products after Beijing vowed to buy more American agricultural and energy products. The agreement was reached after negotiators from China and the U.S. met in an effort to avoid a full-blown trade war between the world’s two largest economies.

Rubio’s tweet also followed reports that the two countries are nearing a deal to lift a U.S. ban on American companies selling components to Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE, which was imposed after it was revealed that ZTE had violated a 2017 agreement by shipping American goods to Iran and North Korea.




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