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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Sen. Bernie Sanders To The Democratic Party: Take Notes From The UK’s Jeremy Corbyn


Sen. Bernie Sanders To The Democratic Party: Take Notes From The UK’s Jeremy Corbyn

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) argues in a new op-ed that Democrats need to “change direction” following recent electoral defeats to President Trump and other Republicans across the country.

“Republicans now control almost two-thirds of governor’s offices and have gained about 1,000 seats in state legislatures in the past nine years. In 24 states, Democrats have almost no political influence at all,” Sanders wrote in a New York Times op-ed on Tuesday.

“If these results are not a clear manifestation of a failed political strategy, I don’t know what is,” Sanders wrote. “For the sake of our country and the world, the Democratic Party, in a very fundamental way, must change direction.”

Pointing to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s recent success in the United Kingdom’s snap election, Sanders argued that by fighting for a progressive platform that appeals to workers and young people, the Democratic Party can rebound from its defeats.

“There is widespread agreement that momentum shifted to Labour after it released a very progressive manifesto that generated much enthusiasm among young people and workers,” Sanders argued. “One of the most interesting aspects of the election was the soaring turnout among voters 34 or younger.”

Arguing that low turnout will be devastating for Democrats down the road, Sanders argued that the party needs to speak to the “pain” of demographics that have historically low levels of voter turnout.

“The British elections should be a lesson for the Democratic Party,” Sanders wrote. “We already have among the lowest voter turnout of any major country on earth. Democrats will not win if the 2018 midterm election turnout resembles the unbelievably low 36.7 percent of eligible voters who cast ballots in 2014.”

“The Democrats must develop an agenda that speaks to the pain of tens of millions of families who are working longer hours for lower wages and to the young people who, unless we turn the economy around, will have a lower standard of living than their parents,” he wrote.

In April, a survey found that Sanders was the country’s most popular active politician.




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