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The Guardians of Democracy

Sean Hannity Declares ‘CHRISTMAS IS UNDER SIEGE.’ Gets Quickly Destroyed By Twitter


Sean Hannity Declares ‘CHRISTMAS IS UNDER SIEGE.’ Gets Quickly Destroyed By Twitter

Fox News host Sean Hannity sounded the annual “War on Christmas” alarm on Wednesday night, warning his nearly 4 million Twitter followers in all caps that “CHRISTMAS IS UNDER SIEGE.”

Hannity was reacting to the story of a church in eastern Massachusetts whose Nativity scene features baby Jesus and the three wise men locked inside a cage, with a sign above them stating “Peace on Earth?”

Steve Josoma, Saint Susanna’s Church’s pastor, says the scene is meant to get people talking and is a statement against anti-immigration sentiment in the country.

“Sixty-five million refugees worldwide seeking a better way of life,” Josoma said, “and we were wondering what that might look like 2,000 years ago if this family encountered the same dynamics that are taking place in our country right now.”

Hannity tweeted a link to the story on the Fox News site, with the message: “TONIGHT ON #HANNITY…we’ll expose how Christmas is being politicized.”

In his next message, he declared: “ON #HANNITY NOW: CHRISTMAS IS UNDER SIEGE. A Massachusetts church puts baby Jesus in a cage to make a political statement. Watch NOW!”

Twitter users had a few things to say about Hannity politicizing the holiday.

Others dispelled the myth that Christmas was somehow “UNDER SIEGE!”

Twitter user Jordan Uhl wrote: “How are you more upset by a church pointing out what’s happening at the border than what’s actually happening at the border?

Cameron Durkin tweeted: “You know, after hearing you complain about the War on Christmas since about 2002 I’m starting to think Christmas is gonna be just fine.”


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