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Scaramucci Says Leaving White House Saved His Marriage, Suggests Dr. Phil Stage Intervention With Trump


Scaramucci Says Leaving White House Saved His Marriage, Suggests Dr. Phil Stage Intervention With Trump

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and his wife Deidre Ball opened up about his short time in Washington and its impact on their marriage on Tuesday’s “Dr. Phil.”

Scaramucci said he “became overly ambitious” at “great detriment to my marriage.”

“I was so neglectful, fighting with my wife,” Scaramucci told Dr. Phil McGraw.

“My children felt neglected. So eventually, my wife and I got the verge of divorce and complete separation.”

“But once I was rejected from the White House, as painful and as humiliating as that was, it caused a major re-centering of my priorities,” he said. “It was an awakening for me, and frankly I learned the hard way how important it was to put my marriage back together, and to be focused on the right priorities, as opposed to the wrong ones.”

The Hill added:

Scaramucci was canned from his White House gig last summer just 10 days into the job — although he insists it was 11 days — after The New Yorker published an expletive-filled rant he had with a reporter. He was fired the same day John Kelly began his tenure as President Trump’s chief of staff.

The New York Post reported at the time that Ball had originally filed for divorce days after Scaramucci accepted the job in Trump’s administration.

Ball told McGraw the pair never discussed his White House role before he took the job. “It was never really a conversation. It was definitely a weird dynamic,” Ball said. “I knew that he always had political ambitions, but this kind of happened and we never really discussed it before.”

The couple appears to have since reconciled.

“What I think is important here, as with everything, when you’re having failures, failure in a relationship, failure in a job, is to be personally accountable,” Scaramucci told McGraw.

“I would say to people in the same situation: Get your priorities right. So what happened to me is my priorities went upside-down on me because of the situation, and I became overly ambitious,” Scaramucci continued. “I became misguided. And I ended up doing that’s that today I totally regret.”

“There are two things you have to do,” Scaramucci added.

“Forgive yourself. And then the other thing is the people that you love, you have to turn to and ask for forgiveness.”

President Trump is in second place for presidents with the most communications directors — President Ronald Reagan had seven over his eight-year tenure. Trump’s fourth and current White House communications director Hope Hicks announced last week that she is resigning.

Scaramucci also suggested that Dr. Phil should stage an intervention with President Trump because “he goes off the rails sometimes.”

“Those less-than-strategic tweets, they were usually when he was taking incoming criticism. If he felt well defended, then he stopped that sort of tweeting and he was a little more strategic with the tweeting,” Scaramucci said.

“I think the president has good intentions but I do think he goes off the rails sometimes,” he continued. “Maybe you could have an intervention with him. We can bring you to the Oval Office, you could have an intervention with him.”



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