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Sanders, Who Was Exposed As A Liar By Mueller, Complains She Doesn’t ‘Like Being Called A Liar’


Sanders, Who Was Exposed As A Liar By Mueller, Complains She Doesn’t ‘Like Being Called A Liar’

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was caught lying to the press by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, said in a new interview that she does not “like being called a liar.”

Speaking to The New York Times, Sanders complained about some of the attacks and criticism she faced while working in the Trump administration.

“I was attacked for everything, not just my performance,” she claimed in an article published Sunday. “I was called a fat soccer mom, my kids were threatened, my life was threatened. It was a lot. I hate harping on it, but to be in the position I’m in and to have Secret Service, that’s not normal.”

But Sanders said all of that “bothered” her “far less” than being called a liar.

“I don’t like being called a liar,” she told the paper.

Sanders, who left the Trump administration earlier this year after spending approximately two years as press secretary, oversaw the demise of the daily press briefing and had regularly lied to members of the press.

According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Sanders lied to reporters and the American people when she claimed in 2017 that “countless” FBI workers told the White House they had no confidence in former FBI Director James Comey. Sanders later told Mueller’s investigators she had no evidence to back up her claim. According to the Mueller Report, “Sanders acknowledge to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything.”

Last December, Sanders said she hopes to be remembered as being “transparent and honest” in her legacy as a White House press secretary.

“I hope that it will be that I showed up every day and I did the very best job that I could to put forward the president’s message,” she said, “to do the best job that I could to answer questions.”


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