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Sanders ‘Thanks’ Koch Brothers For Study ‘Accidentally Making The Case’ For His ‘Medicare For All’ Bill


Sanders ‘Thanks’ Koch Brothers For Study ‘Accidentally Making The Case’ For His ‘Medicare For All’ Bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) released a video on Monday thanking libertarian-leaning conservative donors and activists Charles and David Koch for funding a study that tried to destroy his “Medicare for All” bill but accidentally showed it would actually save the US over $2 trillion in healthcare costs.

“Let me thank the Koch brothers, of all people, for sponsoring a study that shows that Medicare for All would save the American people $2 trillion over a 10-year period,” Sanders said, pointing to a new study published by Charles Blahous at the Koch-subsidized Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

The analysis estimates that Sanders proposal to create a national health insurance system would lead to a $32.6 trillion increase in federal spending over a 10-year period, from 2022 to 2031. Economists noted that, according to the same report, federal health-care spending overall would drop by more than $2 trillion by 2031 if the Sanders bill were signed into law.

“People just have to decide what they’re comfortable with,” said Charles Blahous, the study’s author. There won’t be an increase in health spending, but “this would be a transformative change in the size of the federal government.”

As the Hill notes, National health spending refers to all health spending from any source, whether it’s made by private employers, state Medicaid programs or the federal government. Federal health expenditures refer to health spending from the federal government in particular.


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