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Sanders, Who Was Exposed As A Liar By Mueller, Complains Media ‘Is Making Stuff Up’

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Sanders, Who Was Exposed As A Liar By Mueller, Complains Media ‘Is Making Stuff Up’

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was caught lying to the press by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, attacked the “out of control” news media during an appearance on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show, accusing it of seeking to “destroy” President Donald Trump.

Sanders, who left the Trump administration earlier this year after spending approximately two years as press secretary, oversaw the demise of the daily press briefing and had regularly lied to members of the press.

According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Sanders lied to reporters and the American people when she claimed in 2017 that “countless” FBI workers told the White House they had no confidence in former FBI Director James Comey. Sanders later told Mueller’s investigators she had no evidence to back up her claim. According to the Mueller Report, “Sanders acknowledge to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything.”

Sanders slammed the news media for allegedly “making stuff up” in its reporting on Trump.

“The agenda of obstruction that they have against this president is completely out of control,” Sanders told Hannity ahead of Trump’s New Mexico rally on Monday night.

“They try to destroy the president because they hate that he won in 2016 and then they hated that he was able to start delivering on all the things that he said he was going to, including a conservative court,” she said, referring to his judicial appointments, including two conservative Supreme Court justices.

“Because they can’t beat him now they’re going after everyone around him, everyone associated with him, and they’re even making stuff up. It’s completely out of control. And at some point they have to start holding people accountable. I think the president is right to start calling for something to be done.”

Sanders claimed Trump “continues to prove them wrong.”

“Every time that they say this president won’t do something, he won’t succeed, he won’t be able to do anything on immigration, he’ll cripple the economy, he won’t rebuild the military, he won’t create tax reform, he won’t cut taxes—every single time they say he won’t do it, he does it,” she said. “And it makes them embarrassed, it makes them look like fools, and he continues to do it.”

Sanders also told Hannity that she hopes the media “will start to learn from some of these major mistakes that have happened over the last couple of weeks and start holding people accountable.”

She continued: “Start putting some checks and balances, go back to where we have a true editorial process where they’re checking these things and stories aren’t just pushed out in the hopes that they can tear somebody down, but that they’re actually making sure that their stories are right, that they’re accurate. Let’s hope that they learn something from this.”


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