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Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Destroys Trump’s IRS Tax ‘Audit’ Excuse, Says They’ve ‘All’ Been ‘Settled’


Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Destroys Trump’s IRS Tax ‘Audit’ Excuse, Says They’ve ‘All’ Been ‘Settled’

For years, Donald Trump has been claiming that he can’t release his tax returns because at least some of them are still under audit by the IRS.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday repeated this reasoning to reporters, saying, “The media’s been asking this question for four years, and for four years, the president has said the same thing, his taxes are under audit, and when they’re no longer under audit, he will release them.”

On Sunday morning, the president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani completely contradicted Trump and McEnany by revealing there is no current IRS audit of the president’s tax returns.

After telling Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that he thought the Supreme Court ruling that the president must turn over his financial records to New York investigators was “terribly decided,” Giuliani said, “They have no reason to believe that there is anything wrong with his tax returns. All these tax returns have by and large—maybe not the last one—but all of them have been audited, all of them have either been passed on or settled.”

“There should be some finality in tax returns,” he continued. “In other words, we get audited, we make a deal, we pay the government, you don’t come after me forever for that.”

Giuliani moved on to spout unfounded conspiracy theories about “Soros-elected, anarchist DAs” that “are there to undermine the law.”

“I mean, why would Soros pay for DAs, other than to undermine our government?” he asked, referring to George Soros, the billionaire Democratic donor and perpetual boogeyman for the right.


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