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Romney Slams Trump’s Orwellian Lies: 90 Percent Of ‘Very Republican’ Utah Votes By Mail


Romney Slams Trump’s Orwellian Lies: 90 Percent Of ‘Very Republican’ Utah Votes By Mail

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney slammed President Trump’s claims that voting by mail hurts GOP candidates in elections, noting that large numbers of voters in Utah, a Republican stronghold, vote by mail.

“In my state, I’ll bet 90 percent of us vote by mail. It works very, very well and it’s a very Republican state,” Romney told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday, according to ABC News.

Much of the Western U.S. has voted by mail for years, and a new poll this week found residents of those states are among the demographics most likely to say they would prefer to vote by mail rather than in person voting.

Nevada’s state Republican Party is currently running Facebook ads encouraging it’s residents to mail ballots in ahead of the deadline.

Trump, who voted by mail himself in Florida’s primary this year, has stepped up his attacks on mail-in voting, alleged without evidence on Wednesday that the voting by mail is ripe for fraud. He singled out Michigan and Nevada in the morning over each states’ effort to use absentee and mail-in ballots for upcoming elections over the coming months by falsely claiming the states acted “illegally” and threatening to “hold up” federal funding to those states.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (R) also pushed back, saying in a statement, “Secretary Cegavske lawfully declared the 2020 primary election as a mail-in election,” according to ABC News.

“Nevada has many safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of an all-mail election, including signature requirements and verification processes, preprinted ballot return envelopes, barcode tracking, and laws against ballot harvesting,” her office added. “Voters concerned with mailing in their ballot may drop off their ballot at any designated drop-off location in their county.”


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