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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Roger Stone Refuses To Turn Over Documents In House Judiciary Probe, Invokes Fifth Amendment


Roger Stone Refuses To Turn Over Documents In House Judiciary Probe, Invokes Fifth Amendment

In a letter sent to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, Roger Stone’s attorney wrote that his client will not comply with the committee’s request for documents in its investigation into President Trump’s administration, businesses and campaign, citing his Fifth Amendment rights, reports The Hill.

The committee had requested that Stone provide any documents related to hush-money payments made by then-Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen to women alleging affairs with Trump in the weeks before the 2016 election.

The committee also requested documents on any offers from foreign or domestic governments to Trump or his businesses, contacts with WikiLeaks and any communications involving the Russian government and the president.

In the letter, Stone’s attorney, Grant Smith, cited his client’s indictment on charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller as a reason to not comply with the request.

“As a current criminal defendant, with the presumption of innocence guaranteed to him, it is not in Mr. Stone’s best interest to participate in any additional proceedings, outside those in federal court, until the charges are resolved,” Smith wrote. “Neither will Mr. Stone confirm for your Committee the existence of, or produce any documents requested, for the purpose of being used against him in anyway or to further the political agenda of people who want nothing more than to avenge the loss of their chosen candidate for president in 2016 by deposing the legally elected office holder.”

Smith also called the committee’s request for documents as a “fishing expedition.”

“I hardly need to say that the gossip and innuendo which surrounds Mr. Stone in the press and in the Congress, and the pending criminal matter, provides him with a reasonable basis to protect himself from the ‘ambiguous circumstances’ which some have embraced,” the letter states.


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