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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Right-Wing Trump Fanatics Call For Bloody Civil War After Trump’s Humiliating Supreme Court Loss


Right-Wing Trump Fanatics Call For Bloody Civil War After Trump’s Humiliating Supreme Court Loss

Right-wing MAGA fanatics have gone into total meltdown after the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a longshot Trump-endorsed lawsuit on Friday seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Many of the president’s staunchest supporters believed that the conservative-majority Supreme Court would hand Trump a second term.

But, with their hopes crushed, some of Trump’s most deranged sycophants took to Twitter and alt right-friendly app Parler to call for civil war or secession.

“If the Supreme Court can’t save our republic, then where is the military?” former Fox News pundits and unofficial Trump “advisers” Diamond & Silk tweeted Friday evening. “Trying to overthrow the Government by exploiting a Pandemic, thus implementing rules that break our election laws, is unconstitutional. If the DOJ and the FBI can’t do their jobs, then where is the military? This is a Coup!”

Here’s a sampling of the deranged messages found on Parler Friday night:

“Time for succession… If even the GOP majority Supreme Court won’t hear the citizens’ claims of corruption in the election process; then we need to create our own separate country from all of those that cheat us of our given rights!!”

“I’m fucking raging!!!! Patriots do NOT allow those dirty thieving DemocRats to take this election from our one and only hero President Donald J. Trump!!! If he sold out Supreme Court won’t stand up for DJT then we MUST boycott the runoff election to show those pussy ass so-called Republicans how much.”

“Trump will not let this stand. There is no way Biden will be inaugurated. The enemies of our nation cannot be allowed to take over its government. This is the reason we have a military.”

“Are we just going to sit back in our lazy boy recliners and whine about this or are we going to stand up and take action? It’s time.”

“Trump needs to declare war. We are under attack”

“#Texit Texas must exit”



This election was nothing but fraud. Basement Biden got more votes then Obama?! Yeah, right. Dems want to play?! Let’s play. New game, new rules. Except this time, the reds win.”


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