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The Guardians of Democracy

GOP Sen. Rick Scott Rails Against ‘Socialism’ Before Revealing He ‘Grew Up In Public Housing’


GOP Sen. Rick Scott Rails Against ‘Socialism’ Before Revealing He ‘Grew Up In Public Housing’

Republican Sen. Rick Scott (Fla.) on Wednesday took a shot at Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying people who intend to vote for the Vermont independent in 2020 should just move to Venezuela instead.

Scott made the remark after he was asked if Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who is proposing a “Medicare for All” health-care system, could be successful at winning over Trump voters with his health care plan.

“I’m going to the Venezuelan border next week. I’m going to Colombia. I’ll be at the Venezuelan border. If you like Bernie Sanders, why don’t you go ahead and move to Caracas?” said Scott, who predicted that Trump would win his reelection bid next year.

CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin pointed out that people of a certain generation associate socialism with communism and is used as a “slur.”

“It leads to tyranny,” conservative co-host Jack Kernen warned.

“So in many ways [socialism] is a slur and is a terrible, terrible thing,” Sorkin continued. “I think that what’s happened is there’s a whole new generation who look at the word socialism and don’t have those set of [preconceptions].”

“It’s a choice,” Scott added. “Do we want a free market where kids like me — I grew up in public housing — could build companies and run for office? Or do you want the government to dictate exactly what everyone’s going to do, make all your decisions?”

A Sun Sentinel review of Scott’s background found “that, as a boy, he spent the longest single stretch of time in a three-bedroom, two-bath home his parents owned in Kansas City, Mo. Before then, he and his family did live for about three years in public housing in Urbana, Ill., beginning when Scott was 3 or 4.”


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