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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Republican Strategist: ‘Trump Has Made The Democratic Party Great Again’


Republican Strategist: ‘Trump Has Made The Democratic Party Great Again’

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos on Sunday credited President Trump for the Democrats’ sweeping wins on Tuesday, saying Trump has “unified” the Democratic Party and that “Donald Trump has made the Democratic Party great again.”

“He’s unified it and given it intensity at the polls much like President Barack Obama unified and intensified the Republican party,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“If you look ahead at 2018 — those Republican districts that Hillary Clinton won, 23 of them — the House is in play,” Castellanos added, predicting that Trump would continue to negatively impact the GOP’s overall chances in next year’s midterm elections.

His remarks come after Democrats defeated Republicans in a number of key races across the country.

Democrat Ralph Northam won the Virginia governor’s race and Phil Murphy won the New Jersey governor’s race, a position that had been in Republican Chris Christie’s hands for eight tumultuous years. Democrats also saw major wins in mayoral contests, state legislative races and ballot measures across the country.

Castellanos said Gillespie still lost after he successfully “got out the Trump vote” because he lost support of women in the suburbs where many underwent what he called a “feminist surge.”



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