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Republican Oklahoma Legislators Caught On Hot Mic Appearing To Joke About Sexual Assault


Republican Oklahoma Legislators Caught On Hot Mic Appearing To Joke About Sexual Assault

Two Republican state legislators in Oklahoma appeared to joke about sexual assault allegations in remarks made near a hot mic on Monday, according to KWTV-News 9 in Oklahoma City.

The local station reported that while awaiting the start of a press conference by Gov. Kevin Stitt (R), state Rep. Mark McBride (R) can be overheard asking Rep. Scott Fetgatter (R) whether he molested a female former state lawmaker.

“You molested this girl after Kannady did?” McBride asked near the hot mic.

“No, I was at the table and I allowed it,” Fetgatter said in response.

“Are you sure it wasn’t a donkey or a goat?” McBride then said.

KWTV reports that the conversation seems to be in reference to an investigation underway after a blogger accused Rep. Chris Kannady (R-Oklahoma City) of inappropriately touching a former female representative.

According to a conservative blogger, the female lawmaker claimed that the two men “basically got her in a booth and she couldn’t move, and one was showing her a porno video and Kannady supposedly feeling up her leg when all this was going on.”

Kannady dismissed the allegations in a text to local station News 4.

Fetgatter told News 9 that his comments were taken out of context and apologized if they trivialized sexual assault.

“My comments have been taken out of context and were only in response to a question directed toward me. I apologize if my remarks in any way trivialized the serious nature of sexual assault,” Fetgatter told the news station. “To be clear I have never seen anything inappropriate happen or sexual harassment occur during my time in the House of Representatives.”

“I hope this investigation, which is routine when an HR complaint is filed, is settled quickly so that reputations of the innocent are preserved,” he added.

The exchange takes place at around the four-minute mark in the video below:


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