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The Guardians of Democracy

Report: 2 Million Net Neutrality Comments Sent To FCC Were Fake And Some Used Russian Emails


Report: 2 Million Net Neutrality Comments Sent To FCC Were Fake And Some Used Russian Emails

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has released his department’s analysis of suspect net neutrality comments on the FCC’s public comment system, revealing that as many as 2 million of the comments were fake, including hundreds of thousands that contained Russian email addresses.

“As we’ve told the FCC: moving forward with this vote would make a mockery of our public comment process and reward those who perpetrated this fraud to advance their own hidden agenda,” Schneiderman said. “The FCC must postpone this vote and work with us to get to the bottom of what happened.”

Schneiderman slammed the FCC for rejecting his previous request for information about comments filed about net neutrality and for deciding to move forward with the vote to scrap net neutrality rules on Thursday. He argues that the agency is undermining its desire to protect its “integrity” by “ignoring clear evidence that two million of the comments it received stole Americans’ identities.”

The New York attorney general’s analysis found that many of the fake comments used the names and identities of Americans, including in some cases deceased individuals.

“None of the assertions in your letter justify the FCC’s refusal to share evidence of who committed these illegal acts,” Schneiderman said.

“The vote will proceed as scheduled on December 14,” an FCC spokesperson said earlier in the month after Schneiderman and others called for a delay on the vote. “This is just evidence that supporters of heavy-handed Internet regulations are becoming more desperate by the day as their effort to defeat Chairman Pai’s plan to restore Internet freedom has stalled.”


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