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The Guardians of Democracy

Rep. Cummings Displays Photos Of 5 Guilty Trump Officials At Strzok Hearing


Rep. Cummings Displays Photos Of 5 Guilty Trump Officials At Strzok Hearing

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, ignored Republican objections and asked his staffers to hold up large photos prominently displaying Trump aides who pleaded guilty in connection to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

In opening remarks at FBI official Peter Strzok’s hearing, Cummings called out Republican lawmakers for breaking their promise not to interfere with Mueller’s investigation, even after the special counsel secured five guilty pleas, including from some people close to President Trump.

“Now they’re doing the opposite. Behind closed doors, they’re asking individuals involved in the Russia investigation hundreds of questions about confidential human sources, FISA applications and potential witnesses in the special counsel’s criminal probe,” Cummings said. “In public, they’re holding emergency hearings, issuing unilateral subpoenas and threatening contempt and impeachment. They even demanded that the top Justice Department law enforcement officer in charge of this investigation said, and I quote, ‘Finish it the hell up.’”

“So what has changed?” Cummings continued. “What has changed?”

“Let me underscore, these are not allegations — these are admissions,” Cummings said. “Trump’s national security adviser admitted that he committed these crimes.”


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