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‘Racist’ Yells N-Word, Declares He Lives In ‘White Town’ Before Tearing Down Black Lives Matter Signs


‘Racist’ Yells N-Word, Declares He Lives In ‘White Town’ Before Tearing Down Black Lives Matter Signs

A Queens man was caught on video ripping down Black Lives Matter signs and calling his neighborhood a “white town” while using racial and homophobic slurs.

The man, identified as Anthony Abicca by dozens of Twitter users, many of whom went to school with him and shared yearbook photos of him, was caught on video shot by Black Lives Matter protesters in Whitestone this week admitting to being a racist while tearing down the signs.

“Why are you doing that?” an activist can be heard asking Abicca as he rips down a Black Lives Matter sign hung on the fence of a highway overpass, video shows.

“I don’t want you f–kers in my f–king town,” Abicca replies in the video.

“You’re racist,” one of the activists says, leading Abicca to answer, “Yeah, and?”

In another clip posted to Abicca’s Snapchat account and shared widely on Twitter, Abicca is caught using racial and homophobic slurs.

“Today’s episode is going to be on direct action,” Abicca says in the video as he walks with a friend.

“If you live in a nice town like I do, well, it’s not that, it’s not that nice, but say you live in a nice little white town like Whitestone, right? And you see some obese … probably half-s–c, half-white with some n—-r mixed in, he’s putting up Black Lives Matter signs on your f–king overpass, you can’t have that s–t in Whitestone,” Abicca continues, seemingly referencing his confrontation with the protesters.

“So you know you pass by, you call ‘em dirty n—-r lovers and f—-ts and s–t.”

In response to the attack, even more protesters gathered at the same overpass, hanging dozens of new banners and posters.

After posting the video online, various Twitter users found that Abicca was a student attending Queens College. In response to the incident, Queens College released a statement.

“​Thank you to all expressing concern about social media postings of videos of racist remarks by an individual identified as a Queens College student,” the statement read. “The racism and bigotry expressed does not in any way represent Queens College; we condemn racism and bigotry of any kind. We reaffirm our enduring commitment to diversity and respect so that all members of our community may pursue their goals in a safe and supportive environment.”


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