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‘Racist’ White Cop Mocks Black Woman He Pulled Over As She Walks Home In Freezing Polar Vortex: Video


‘Racist’ White Cop Mocks Black Woman He Pulled Over As She Walks Home In Freezing Polar Vortex: Video

A white Detroit police officer posted a video to Snapchat showing him mocking a black woman with racially charged captions including “celebrating Black History Month,” after she was forced to walk home in the freezing polar vortex.

ABC affiliate WXYZ on Thursday shared the troubling video that triggered an internal investigation into officer Gary Steele.

Steele on Tuesday night pulled over a young black woman for a traffic stop because she had expired car license tags.

The officer then follows the woman, identified as Ariel Moore, as she walked home in the single digit temperatures, the outlet reported.

Steele recorded footage of Moore and shared it on the social media site with captions reading “what black girl magic looks like” and “celebrating Black History Month.”

The video also includes commentary between Steele and an unidentified officer from inside the police car.

“Walk of shame,” an officer said as Moore can be seen walking away.

“In the cold,” another said in the video.

“Bye Felicia,” one of the officers added.

Monique Mobley, Moore’s mother, told WXYZ that the officer’s video and remarks were “racist.”

“They demeaned my child for no reason,” Mobley said.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that body camera footage shows Moore was offered a ride home but was upset about having her car towed so she refused and walked.

Craig, however, said he was “angry” over the “racially insensitive post.”

“I’m not going to tell you I’m troubled,” Craig said during a Thursday press conference. “I’m going to tell you I’m angry. This incident is absolutely not reflective (of the department). This is not acceptable.”

The Hill adds:

Steele has been deappointed from his rank as corporal and is being reassigned until an internal investigation is completed, Craig said. The other officer heard on the video is also included in the investigation.

Punishment following the investigation could range from a written reprimand to suspension or termination.

Craig said Steele had been with the police force for more than 18 years and was involved in the training of other officers.

“That’s not what we expect of our police officers,” Craig said. “This officer will be held accountable for his actions.


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