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‘QAnon Karen’ Destroys Target Face Mask Display In Viral Anti-Mask Temper-Tantrum


‘QAnon Karen’ Destroys Target Face Mask Display In Viral Anti-Mask Temper-Tantrum

A woman has been arrested after she filmed herself destroying a Target face mask display and harassing customers for wearing face coverings.

“Finally, we meet the end of the road,” the woman says as she walks up to the face mask display. “I’ve been looking forward to this shit all my fucking life.”

She then starts to rip the masks off the display until all of the merchandise is scattered about on the floor.

“Target,” she says, “I’m not playing any more fucking games. This shit is fucking over.”

“Fuck this shit,” she says. “No, I’m not doing it.”

Two Target employees confront her and ask her to stop.

“Why? You let everybody else do it, but I can’t do it because I’m a blonde white woman?” the woman asks the employees.

She then tells them she’s wearing a $40,000 Rolex watch.

A second video that she filmed on Instagram Live shows her interacting with police who ask her to leave the store and stop harassing Target shoppers.

While speaking to police, the woman, claims she’s a spokesperson for the White House. She also rambles about the deep state and QAnon. “I was hired to be the QAnon spokesperson,” she says.

“Call [President] Donald Trump and ask him if you don’t believe me,” she says.

When the police ask for Trump’s phone number, she says “she’s on the phone with him all the time.”

Police officers later ask her to put her phone down and arrest her, reports The Daily Dot.

“You’re doing this to me because I’m Jewish,” the woman exclaims. “This is Nazi bullshit.”

Scottsdale Target Karen gets arrested on IG Live *Update* from r/PublicFreakout

“According to the Redditor who posted the second video online, both incidents happened after her husband said he wanted a divorce and kicked her out. She later went to a hotel—then Target—and back to her hotel, where she was later kicked out, again. When she went back to her house, her husband stopped her and called the cops,” the website reported.


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