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Protesters Mock Trump’s Veterans Day Speech In NYC With ‘Operation Bone Spur’ And ‘Impeach’ Signs


Protesters Mock Trump’s Veterans Day Speech In NYC With ‘Operation Bone Spur’ And ‘Impeach’ Signs

Protesters spelled out the words “IMPEACH” and “CONVICT” in letters taped to the windows of a high-rise overlooking Madison Square Park where President Trump gave a speech honoring the legacy of the American armed forces on Veterans Day.

Anti-Trump jeers and loud boos “could also be heard throughout the president’s remarks,” reports the New York Times.

“A chorus of people shouted “lock him up!” and “traitor” and blew whistles as he spoke, causing some veterans to complain that the din was drowning out the president’s speech,” the Times added.

Video from the event showed two protesters wearing army fatigues and a clown nose holding a sign that read, “Operation Bone Spur,” a reference to Trump’s bone spur diagnosis that allowed him to avoid serving in the Vietnam War.

“He’s always pretending to be something he’s not,” Elliot Crown told the Times about his decision to mock the president’s bone spur diagnosis. “And he certainly isn’t a supporter of veterans.”

“Mr. Trump claimed (his medical deferment) was because of a bone spur, but when I asked for medical records, he gave me none and said there was no surgery,” Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen told members of the House Oversight Committee earlier this year. “He told me not to answer the specific questions by reporters but rather offer simply the fact that he received a medical deferment.

“He finished the conversation with the following comment: ‘You think I’m stupid, I wasn’t going to Vietnam.’”

Cohen told Congress he was tasked with tamping down criticism of the military deferment as the presidential candidate simultaneously mocked Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, for being regarded as a military hero. “I like people who weren’t captured,” Trump said during a July 2015 interview.


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